ESA – pure and profound

The company started in 1991 in Poznań. The years of experiments resulted in our technologically advanced loudspeakers characterized by a unique sound quality.
You will find them only in carefully selected Hi-Fi stores. There is no doubt that our best models may be referred to as Hi-End. And this has always been our goal – to set the highest quality level regardless of its cost.

No compromises? Maybe one, this being our moderate prices. There are many approaches to constructing loudspeakers. Some producers tend to attract their clients with structural effects or spectacular design features.
Others try impressive but still superficial sound effects. Some hope to reduce the cost by masking structural defects and poor sound features.

Finally there are those who try to attain the sound of highest quality. We belong to the latter group. It does not matter whether you have listened to our loudspeakers for a minute, a day or even your whole life. They will always evoke positive emotions.

Even thorough examination of our products will not be disappointing. Each construction hides inside innumerable proofs of care. Every detail is important. We cooperate with the best speakers producers (Peerless, Scan-Speak, Vifa, Wavecor). We also collaborate with perfectly equipped cabinet makers.

Our loudspeakers are finished with a walnut, cherry, oak or maple veneer. Other finishes are available with additional charge. Our loudspeakers are covered by a 5 year warranty.

ESA – it sounds good.